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MarketDelta Trader

MarketDelta’s rich charting features and intuitive trading interface are unrivaled in features, functionality, and support.MarketDelta offers a fast, easy to use trading DOM, drag and drop orders, bracket orders, chart trading, 10+ different chart types, Footprint® charts, Market Profile® charts, drawing tools, 140+ technical indicators, built-in custom programming wizard to build unique indicators, and backtesting and optimization. MarketDelta offers both a trading client (MarketDelta Trader) and a charting client (MarketDelta Charts). Both programs work together to create an integrated trading and charting solution, or each program can be used independently depending upon your needs.

  • Connects to a fully redundant, low latency trading network.
  • Integrated Footprint® Volume & Order Flow Chart for Superior Price Transparency
  • Brackets, Trailing Stops, Breakeven & Other Automated Order Strategies.

MarketDelta Charts – Starting @ $99/month

  • Free 30 day trial – includes all features/functionality, free historical and free support
  • 15+ Chart Types, 140+ Indicators, Backtesting, Market Profile®, Footprint®, Playback, Volume Profile, System Trading, Backtesting & much more.
  • Free Historical Data – 500 market stats/breadth indicators, 120 days tick, years of 1 minute data, 15+ years of daily, weekly, monthly.

Here is just some of what MarketDelta® has to offer

Fast, Easy to Use Trading Screen

  • Price Ladder & Trading DOM
  • Single Click Trading
  • Full Depth of Market
  • Drag & Drop Orders
  • Right Click for Quick Large Lot Order Placement
  • Average Position Indicator
  • Tabbed interface for easy navigation
  • Option to hide Footprint to view DOM only
  • Trade from MarketDelta Charts and see orders in the DOM

Basic Order Management

  • Easily cancel orders
  • Easily adjust price up/down for working orders.
  • Easily amend the quantity of orders
  • Sort orders by account, symbol, state, more.

Automated Order Management

  • Work up to 5 legs at a time!
  • Automatic Profit Targets
  • Automatic Stop Loss
  • Automatic Bracket Order – profit and protective stop loss
  • Automatic Breakeven – move position to breakeven automatically.
  • Automatic Trailing – have a stop trail the market to lock in profits

Have the Inside View When Trading!

MarketDelta Trader is free (no subscription) to use on while on demo or live trading. Live trades do incur a small $0.10/trade order routing fee that is added to the commission.

  • No subscription fee required.
  • Only fee is $0.10 per trade order routing fee
  • Optional: If you want all the advanced charting capability described below simply subscribe to MarketDelta Charts.

Chart Trading

  • Trade directly from the chart
  • Setup buttons for custom orders right from the chart
  • Initiate, amend, cancel orders
  • Lines show working orders
  • Lines show position
  • Marker on bar shows order information
  • Order also show on DOM

More about Chart Trading

MarketDelta offers both chart trading and DOM trading. Orders show up on both which provides the benefit of entering on the chart and then exiting on the DOM or vice versa. Complete flexibility with complete transparency.

Chart Trade using Other Chart Types

Footprint® Charts

A Footprint® is an individual price painted on the chart with a unique color that contains volume or some other market statistic. Stacking Footprints together creates bars, similar to what any candlestick or bar chart would present. The primary difference, and thus advantage of the Footprint®, is it shows each individual price within a bar AND displays value added information such as volume at price, order flow, buy/sell pressure, and other valuable statistics.

Charts, 140+ Technical Studies, & Drawing Tools

With close to 10 different chart types, 140+ technical indicators, and numerous drawing tools, MarketDelta® makes it easy to build the charts and layouts you need to succeed as a trader. Lots of options and unparalleled levels of customization help provide the necessary edge to compete in today’s markets.

Unique Price and Volume Studies

It is no secret that MarketDelta® is the leader in volume analysis, so it only makes sense that we would have some unique tools to help you become a better trader.

Greater Awareness & Increased Transparency

Market Profile® offers traders a structure to organize price activity in a logical way and to help see where “value” is being established. Traders typically use Market Profile® charts to determine price levels that are significant and often lead to reversals.

Use the Footprint® charts to confirm if a particular Market Profile® level will hold. Verify your entries and exits by “zooming” in on how the auction is developing at key levels and to make more informed decisions.

CBOT Market Profile®

MarketDelta is one of the largest vendors of Market Profile® for the CBOT. No need for addons. It is build right in with extensive functionality.

  • Split single brackets or entire profiles
  • Split a single day or all profiles
  • Merge profiles to create custom composites
  • Value areas; compute using TPO or Volume
  • POC – compute using TPO or Volume
  • Initial Balance – customize if you want
  • Initial Balance extensions
  • Create custom sessions
  • Day / night split profiles
  • Single print identifier
  • Naked POC Lines
  • Peak Valley identifier using Profile Indicator
  • Volume overlay alongside TPO profile
  • Much, much more.

How Market Profile® Can Help


When a market is trading sideways or trending it is helpful to see price action displayed as a distribution so you can keep a firm perspective on the underlying tendencies present in the market.


Identify the structure of the current market. Is it likely to rotate (reverse) or breakthrough and trend in one direction? Where is the next most likely stopping point for price action?


Gain a better understanding of market dynamics and the auction structures of a market. Trade with tools the pro’s use. Combine the Market Profile® and the Footprint® chart for a particularly deep understanding of the forces at play in the market.

Profile Indicator

One of our most popular indicators, you can accomplish just about anything with it.

  • Long term volume profiles
  • Automatic high/low volume levels
  • Peak Valley indicator
  • Heat Map profiles
  • Daily and intraday profiles
  • Value Area & POC for current day and previous
  • Naked POC
  • Time or volume profiles
  • Compute last X Profiles – this allows for merged profiles.
  • Much more.

Composite and Long Term Volume Profiles

This chart shows us 250 days of trading, automatically labeling high and low volume levels using a feature called Auto Peak/Valley Lines. These may act as support and resistance.

Much of this analysis is accomplished using our very popular Profile Indicator.

MarketDelta® is routinely recognized as the leader in auction market theory and volume analysis.
Custom Signals & Studies

  • Create custom studies and signals
  • Leverage powerful indicators unique to MarketDelta to gain an edge
  • Assign sound alerts to custom studies
  • Create studies based on studies to create signals

Trading Systems

An entire trading system provides the complete set of rules for trade management. You can determine, using backtesting and optimization, which exit strategies are the most effective, and you can also build scale-in and scale-out rules, in addition to stop-loss parameters and more.

Emulate True Trading Results

By building a full, comprehensive trading system, you can accurately analyze how a particular strategy is best implemented. Should you usually hold on for 4 points, or wait for 10? Is it best to sell part of a position early, or is long-term profitability improved by holding until the end of the day? What are the most successful stop-loss settings that minimize losses but with minimal sensitivity to volatility? MarketDelta® Professional lets you answer all of these questions and much more.

Backtest Market Profile®, Footprint or other Strategies

Do you trade Market Profile® charts and want to know how your approach performs over many months – or years – of data? Building a trading system lets you define exactly how you enter and exit your trades using special RTL tokens we’ve custom-built to follow the Market Profile® charting methods pioneered by the Chicago Board of Trade. Then, apply your system to many years of intraday data, or for any time frame that interests you. You can instantly identify which Market Profile® levels tend to be the most successful, and which are more subjective.

Order Flow Testing

Use the Footprint charts for clarity into the market’s order flow, then build trading systems from the patterns you see. Using RTL, you can directly quantify order flow imbalances and test them against recent tick data. We provide special programming tokens for analyzing volume-at-price statistics, as well as net buying or selling activity in a given bar, or for an entire day. Develop an edge using methods unavailable in any other trading package on the market.


If you find levels that perform well in your backtest, take it a step further with Optimization. This lets you clarify exactly how long you should hold onto trades, or how large of a stop-loss to carry, for the best long-term results. Or, the entries themselves may need tweaking. Does the market typically move a point or two against your normal entry? Optimize to test if your entry should be altered slightly so you take the least heat.

Improve Your System

A profitable system can be made even more profitable by letting the software test data and notify you of the best exact hold times, stop-loss levels, entry criteria and more. A creative trader can use Optimization to significantly test many aspects of the entry signal itself and generate entirely new signals you might have never considered.

And, a system that is not yet profitable can often turn profitable by tweaking a few simple parameters that MarketDelta® Pro Complete identifies for you automatically.

Other Charting Features

  • Set audio alerts on signals to be notified instantly.
  • Time and Sales
  • Layouts and Workspaces
  • Powerful signalling technology
  • Multi-pane charts

Real Time Trading Simulator

Practice makes perfect. Trade using a demo account and get a feel for the mechanics of the software or just fine tune your strategies. Either way, MarketDelta makes it simple.

Market Playback

  • Replay at speed it occurred or fast forward to watch moves develop in high speed.
  • Playback multiple markets all at once.
  • Playback for as much data as you have, for any symbol, in any chart interval.

eLearning & Education

Video Library

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