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AgenaTrader is an extremely high-performing multi-broker trading platform that goes one step further than similar trading tools. In addition to discretional and fully automated trading, it also has the capability of completely integrated, semi-automated trading.

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  • Open up to 2000 charts at once
  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time
  • Scan thousands of instruments in different time frames
  • Drag & drop signal and strategy programming
  • Deeply integrated risk and money management
  • Automated order size calculation
  • Semi-automated trade management
  • Simultaneous multi-brokerage / multi-data feed
  • Fully automated trading using AgenaScript (C#/.Net)

Advanced charting

  • Utilize approx. 120 different indicators as well as self-coded signals!
  • Use all of the drawing objects you could ever need for trading!
  • Explore the advantages of various price representations (Renko, Kagi, P&F, equity volume etc.)!
  • Integrate indicators from higher time frames!
  • Trade using comfortable chart trading!
  • Use the action bar to activate or deactivate standard indicators, instrument lists, time frame selections and favorite setups with a click of the mouse!
  • Let the system show you chart formations, such as SHS, flags, triangles, etc.


  • Scan thousands of instruments in real time for your signals!
  • Use indicators and self-coded signals or conditions for scanning!
  • AgenaTrader can search for your signals in different time frames!
  • Program your signals using C# AgenaScript or using the Condition Escort just by clicking!
  • Combine entry signals and complete strategies with stops and targets with just a few clicks of the mouse in the Setup Escort!
  • Activate strategies by clicking as soon as the corresponding signal appears in the scanner!
  • Based on the motto: the system suggests, the market and user decide, AgenaTrader manages your trades!3-scanner

Automated Trading

  • Take advantage of the integrated C# AgenaScript interface to program highly professional:
    • strategies
    • indicators
    • entry, stop and target conditions easily by yourself
  • Develop signals from existing indicators and self-programmed signal generators just by clicking!
  • Import indicators and strategies from an external system such as
    • NinjaTrader (provided they are programmed according to the NinjaScript API documentation)!


Info Center

  • Stay informed via system and application messages!
  • Manage price and time alerts!
  • Check running strategies!
  • Load and manage your replay data
  • Create trading notes in a calendar!


 Your Advantages

  • Automate the routine work in your daily trading cycle!
  • AgenaTrader frees up more time for you to check the quality of trades
  • Reduce time spent in front of the computer
  • Reduce risk!

Condition Escort

  • Program signals simply by clicking!
  • Programming skills are not required!
  • Compare many different indicators with each other or with static values!
  • Combine several time frames for each condition!
  • Program complicated signals using AND, OR, XOR relations and brackets simply by clicking – no programming skills necessary!
  • In AT Centaurus, use conditions to create complete strategies with just a few clicks of the mouse!


 Order Options

  • Utilize the variety of convenient possibilities for collecting orders:
    • Chart trading: place orders in the chart by clicking!
    • Simply use the default order pad!
    • Place complete setups on the market using the Order Escort!
    • Trade using the Forex pad!
    • Place orders with the keyboard or by clicking within the Level 3 Inside Market Box!
    • Take advantage of the dynamic DOMs!
  • Experience the new order types: scale orders, dynamic orders, & soft stop orders!



 Trading Center
It takes only a few glances to check your:

  • accounts
  • positions
  • trades
  • orders
  • and executions in different trading tabs!


Requires Microsoft Windows®

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