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Colson Testimonial

“During the time that Foremost Trading has handled my account, Colson has treated me with utmost professionalism and respect for my trading goals, notwithstanding the small size of the account.  Based on my experience, he is a competent, client-oriented professional who has always had my best interests in mind.  That’s much appreciated and gives me a positive opinion of your company.”

Peter Testimonial

“I have told Peter Rives many times how happy I am to be working with him (since 3/09). I thought it is time I told someone else. Peter is easy to talk to, very conscientious, and always trying to provide me with the best service (including when the S&P 500 cash session is closed). Other brokerage firms have tried to lure me away and I tell them to forget it.”

Foremost Testimonial

“I would personally rank Foremost Trading at the top of the list when it comes to professionalism and overall knowledge of the futures business. Bob, Scott and the Foremost Brokers are always available to speak with clients, answer questions and respond in a timely manner. The comprehensive service that they provide to customers and CTAs is excellent and I’m looking forward to trading with their firm for many commodity markets to come!”