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With our schedules becoming busier by the minute and technology continually advancing, wouldn’t it be nice to have assistance with your trading?

Automated Trading systems have revolutionized the trading world and have become exceptionally popular in trading commodities.

Systems are Reaching New Highs  Automated trading systems account for large volumes of transactions in commodity futures. System growth stems from it’s rapid trading speed and ability to perform faster than the manual actions of a human.

According to the CME group, this revolutionized way of trading has made it next to impossible for an investor to execute trades without the assistance from a system. The CFTC noted that these systems are dominating many commodity markets. Automated trading for grain and oilseed rose 39 to 49 percent from 2012-2016. Metals spiked 46-54 percent and oil jumped 54-63 percent!

Systems have taken over the commodity trading world allowing for real-time, rapid trade transactions. Although these platforms may be intimidating, they are not to be ignored and should be utilized to assist basic trading fundamentals. Systems can offer a variety of options from sophisticated trading to the execution of large orders. Automated systems permit users to trade multiple accounts or various strategies at one time. This has the potential to spread risk over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positions.

Information taken from Financial Times article 10/9/17, Automated Trading of Commodity Futures Accelerating and Ranchers and Fund Managers, ‘Algos’ Cause a Stir by Gregory Meyer.

Interested in Learning More About Systems Trading?

Join us on Thursday November 9th at 3:30PM CST to learn more about a specific Automated Trading System, InvestiQuant! Senior Account Executive, Pete Rives is joining InvestiQuant’s VP of Research, Rob Hanna in our first ever webinar titled: 2008 the Price of Correlation Risk. Systems

Who is InvestiQuant? 

InvestiQuant is a modern trading platform that utilizes automated portfolios that trade on your behalf! Their investments included multiple strategies across a wide variety of markets. The system takes advantage of intraday opportunities in equity index and bond futures markets.

This webinar will highlight:

  • The surprising correlation of stocks, bonds and commodities in 2008
  • The significance of drawdowns and recovery ramifications
  • An introduction to non-correlated managed futures.

Sign up HERE to secure your spot! A special offer is available for all registrants! Not free during a weekday? No worries! Register at the link above and a recording will be sent to webinar registrants within 24 hours of the presentation!


Note: InvestiQuant is a third-party system developer and not a member of the NFA. As such, InvestiQuant can and does provide trading signals from their proprietary trading software. InvestiQuant cannot make individualized trading or account management recommendations. Foremost Trading, LLC executes signals generated by InvestiQuant’s proprietary trading software. Investors should thoroughly review any investment and consider their own financial capabilities before investing.

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