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We are in an odd market climate these days regarding volatility. The market continues higher while the dollar strengthens. And it seems the world is on edge waiting for some little word from the Fed indicating when then will raise rates. In the mean time, statistical volatility is historically very low. But will it stay that way?

Managed Futures, CME, Volatility

Article by Blu Putnam, CME Group

Blu Putnam, the chief from the CME Group, wrote a short, helpful article on six sources of volatility he perceives in the market:

  1. US Rates
  2. US Bond Yields
  3. US Equities
  4. Crude Oil
  5. Gold
  6. Euro

Giving short commentary in each area, Blu explains why it might be a potential source of volatility. Click on the image to the right, or click HERE to view it.

Historically, volatility has ebbed and flowed like any other market. When are we due for the next big volatility spike? No one really knows but here is an interesting chart from Moore Research Institute with a few notes of ours. It shows the S&P Volatility Index (VIX) since 1985. Click on the image to enlarge.

Managed Futures - VIX

Image from Moore Research Institute, Inc.

If you have a hunch about these markets or if you’re interested in a Commodity Trading Advisor that is trading volatility, we invite you to call your BROKER for more information. We don’t know when the next volatility spike will be, but we can help you diversify your risk.


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