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Peter Rives

Peter Rives has been with Foremost since 2003. He has worked closely with clients with various trading interests and sees himself as here to serve. Pete says, “Clients share with me what they want to do and together we put together a plan. Years in the business have convinced me, in my opinion, that the successful futures investor generally has a couple things in common:

  • They try to control their risk
  • They do not get emotionally attached to their trades and ideas
  • When they are wrong, (and we’re all wrong sometimes,) they exit and regroup.

I realize that these are easier said than done and they are not a guarantee of success but with discipline and the occasional reminder they are good trading tools.

Customers and brokers need to work well together. Personality, experience, and service are important. Peter does try to work with his client’s schedules’ – Making sure he is available when his clients request it.

Of note, Peter began his commodities career in 1982 as a runner at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. He steadily moved up the ranks working as a phone clerk, trading desk manager, currency director and floor broker with a client list that included national banks and two of the top five hedge funds. He left the trading floor in October 2000.

Peter learned the technical side of trading during his tenure in the research department of Dean Witter. This technical training was paramount in helping his clients identify key areas of support and resistance in the markets that they’re trading.

In an effort to further assist clients to achieve their investment goals Peter started following various Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs). He saw that his clients liked the idea of not having to pay an incentive fee to the CTA unless they made money first! Peter also assists clients with navigating the many electronic online order execution platforms and systematic trading platforms.

Looking for a broker that listens? Please give Pete a call, you’ll be glad you did.

Peter Rives
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