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Alexander Poulos

Alexander’s passion for investing was stoked at a very young age via an elementary school field trip to the New York Stock Exchange. Witnessing the exchange at the height of its glory—the furious action with a multitude of well-dressed individuals scurrying around a trading floor made an indelible impression on me.

The passion never waned—the first step of the journey required saving enough capital to fund my own account. After many hours of toiling in entry level jobs suited for a teenager, I was pleased to open my own account. Unlike most of my peers who couldn’t comprehend the value of time, compounding or investing the initial step of my journey was now complete.

Alex was blessed to begin investing in one of the greatest bull markets in history the mid-90’s which showered many with fantastic gains yet came to a painful halt in the new millennium as the excitement and momentum waned. An important lesson was learned—the concept of risk and reward as I witnessed many lose great fortunes due to poor risk management strategies.

The lessons learned during my formative years as an investor have drawn me to managed futures. The commodity complex is a non-correlated asset class which is not dependent on the overall direction of the equity market. During times of severe market stress, a portion of an investors overall portfolio invested in managed futures may help offset steep losses in an equity portfolio.

Alexander cheerfully resides in the Tampa Bay area for the past 21 years as he does not miss the brutal winter weather in the least. Alex is happily married to his lovely wife Christine for the past 15 years. We are an avid hockey family with our three children all avid players. You will find us most weekends at the rink as our favorite pastime remains watching our children playing hockey.

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