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Kevin Tamlyn

Kevin Tamlyn has twenty years of experience in the financial services industry. He enjoys working together with families and businesses to enrich and protect their financial situations. Tamlyn started his career on the CME trading floor in 1997 as a runner and phone clerk. After CME, he continued his financial career for sixteen years working as a financial advisor in the wealth management divisions at two large Wall Street banks.

Kevin is a full-conviction believer in building portfolios through strategic asset allocation that entails bringing together distinctive, yet, complimentary asset classes, global indices, fixed income, currencies, commodities, and trading/execution/hedging strategies. When aggregated together, these strategies bring correlation, risk management, and the potential to improve your entire financial situation…not just your portfolio. I am always thinking and developing ways to prevent you, your family, your loved ones from experiencing the “Tri-Negative”, which is when your real estate/private equity, income, and liquid investments are simultaneously declining in a substantial manner, and for an extended period. This has not occurred for a decade, but has many times in the past, and will happen again in the future.

Kevin considers himself a student and historian of all cycles – both economic and market cycles. This encompasses not just stocks and bonds, but also currencies, credit, money creation, discount rate, inflation, long rates, real estate, cap-ex, consumer, GDP, valuation cycles, etc. At today’s levels, he believes that we are witnessing, ‘cycle extremes’ in several areas of the global capital markets, domestic economy, and many, but not all, areas of the global economy.

Regarding asset levels and valuations, he also believes, during certain times, the emotions of greed and fear can significantly outweigh market fundamentals. Kevin also believes that excessive stimulus in the form of monetary creation and extended low-interest rates can be ultimately problematic by causing psychological ‘anchoring’, investor ‘chasing’, asset price distortion, misallocation of investment capital, and eventual economic losses.

Outside of work, Kevin spends his free time with his wife and five children, cherishing and developing lasting memories with them. He also enjoys coaching multiple youth basketball and baseball programs and seek to communicate and tether the ‘life benefits’ that a positive youth sports experience can deliver for personal growth and brighten our children’s’ future. Lastly, Kevin is involved in physical training activities and also reading about history, human psychology/behavior/communication, global economics, and keeping abreast of market data – both fundamental and technical.

He would be thrilled to hear about you, your needs vs. wishes, your past financial experience, and how the financial resources at Adaptive NewAge Investments could help you protect and grow the assets necessary to meet your goals.

Kevin Tamlyn
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