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market effects of a government shutdown Everyone should be aware by now that as of 12am Tuesday October 1, 2013, our government temporarily “shutdown” due to the House and Senate’s inability to pass a budget plan. Being in the business of futures, options and forex, Foremost Trading is interested in how this might affect your trading. The vast majority of markets will not be structurally affected by this temporary government shutdown. Yes, the market will adjust it’s price to anticipate the shutdown’s effect on our economy, but the markets and the exchanges facilitating them are continuing to function without a hitch.

But what if your market is ultimately settled against an index facilitated by a government agency?

For most markets, this is not the case. However, a few fit the bill. Some Dairy and Livestock markets are cash-settled against a USDA index. How will this affect you Lean Hogs and Class III Milk traders?

Thankfully, the CME Group is on top of it. They released a letter providing direct contact information for those with questions about these markets in particular. Click on image below to read the public letter from the CME on this topic.

CME Shutdown Letter

A recommendation from Foremost … simply don’t hold your positions past First Notice. If you have questions about when First Notice is for a particular market, consult our Commodity Calendar.

Finally, as usual, we encourage you to talk to your BROKER with any specific questions.  It is our job to assist you with this information and we consider it a privilege to do so.

The Foremost Trading Team

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