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Margin Alert

For those of you who are either trading an occasional options on futures, or trade spreads all day long — you likely have the experience of how frustrating it is to get margin information on an option, or a spread, unless you happen to subscribe to a super classy (and probably pricey trading platform.

Well, we have some good news for those of you that fall into this camp.

We have gone the extra mile, and have created our very own options margin software – and it’s ready for YOU!  Have you ever been pricing an option, spread, or complex spread and couldn’t figure out the margin?  Now we can, so you can.  What does this mean? You may wonder or ask:

  • What about margin on multiple option legs?  No problem.
  • How about across various months, strikes, or markets?  Yep, no problem.
  • What about an option chain, where there are 25 different call and put strikes that you need all at once?  Yep, no problem.
  • What about with intraday option prices, not just prior day close?  Yep.
  • What about maintenance margin, delta value, and futures values?  Yep, yep, and…yep.
  • What if I have a list of 20 markets, each with 20 strikes for calls and puts, and I want to see all of this information quickly in one place, exported to me in a .csv or .txt or .xls file format?  Multiple Yeps.
  • What if I just want my broker to send me a weblink that will show me the results of a pre-defined options chain or portfolio I need?  No problem.
  • Ok…but what if I don’t want to badger my broker every 10 minutes, and I just want the software so I can work this magic myself?   Yes – this is an option (no pun intended).

Get the idea?  We have easy access to Span margin on options.  No more need to subscribe to the clunky CME span program, download tons of files, or guesswork.  Just call your Foremost broker for help or details.

Yep, that’s the Ticket!