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iSystems is a Futures Auto-Trading System that is purely “mechanical” and completely computerized. These systems are commonly referred to as a “black box” or algorithmic trading systems based on computer software that takes a geeky trader’s logic without his limbic system. The limbic system, “emotional brain” is what brings traders to cry, laugh, or express their touchdown dance. It’s that tricky part of their “real” self that they try to control in their trading. Left unchecked, fear and greed can take you where you don’t want to go with trading. That’s the iSystems Advantage, a logical, systematic way to trade without your limbic system.

At Foremost Trading, we offer over 250 auto-trading systems. Just imagine, each order is dynamically set with a pre-determined set of rules with no deviation or emotions — it is virtually hands-free. You can, however, stop and restart at any time, even mid-trade.

Each system monitors a specific market in real time for the trade signal. Once the system has automatically initiated a trade, the software manages the trade looking for profit while at the same time managing the risk no matter if the market is in a bull, bear, or even a sideways market.

Most iSystems day trade in a designated market. Contact Foremost for a walk-through of iSystems. We analyze and identify which iSystems we feel would be worth considering — and we will gladly share our own personal favorites based on our opinion and analysis! This is the list of the Top Ten iSystems, which by the way is updated daily.

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