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It isn’t often that I feel compelled to take the time to write a review of a trading platform but after speaking with Agena Trader CEO, Gilbert Kreuzthaler and running through a demonstration of the platform with technical support, I knew this one was truly something special. In a very short time, I was up and running with the platform.

Agena Trader went into development in 2009 and went live in 2012 as a premier trading platform. Agena allows users to trade multiple asset classes from one platform. It connects multiple brokers simultaneously. Agena also connects to multiple data feeds at the same time. This gives the user the ability to connect to one broker for futures, another for Forex and yet another for stocks for example thus eliminating the need for multiple trading platforms and analysis tools. You can manage all your accounts from one platform.

Up until recently Agena was only available to German, Swiss and Austrian customers. They have now released the platform in English, Russian and Japanese. Currently they offer both lease and purchase licenses.

Agena trader’s performance is what impressed me. You can scan up to 1000 symbols of various asset classes for trade signals and open up a huge amount of charts without slowing down execution speed. They took the time to build the platform architecture with state of the art technology. Even after hours of running the application, there wasn’t any decline in performance, no apparent decline in the computer’s working memory, and it barely taxed my processor.

Agena supports C# programming for custom strategy building. They have included a NinjaTrader Script import function that is very easy to use. They even provide personalized support for importing third party Ninja indicators. Strategy back-testing is also a nice feature.

Of course Agena also offers advanced charting, DOM and Quick Trade that are very intuitive and easy to use.

For those of you that say “Ugh, I don’t want to learn a new platform,” take heart, I found Agena very easy to learn and use. Agena provides excellent support and many videos to shorten that learning curve. In my opinion Agena trader is worth taking a serious look. I have to say that Agena maybe one of the most intuitive and customizable trading platforms on the market today. Agena was built by traders for traders. Whether you are a beginning trader or a pro Agena is worth a look.

You can obtain a Demo with live data at our website. The author of this post, Neil Rogers is with Foremost Trading, LLC. He has been in the commodity futures trading industry since 1981 as a floor trader/floor broker and manager of one of the largest proprietary trading desks on the CBOT trading floor. More recently Neil has been providing online trading solutions to his clients since 2003.

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