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We all have our good days and our bad days, and this goes for algos as well.

Our sister site, Foremost Capital just published a blog post reviewing 5 Commodity Trading Advisors in a Drawdown that, in our opinion, are worth a good look. Foremost Trading site focuses on brokerage and algo trading, so we thought we’d ask the same question of the algorithms on the iSystems website.

iSystems houses nearly 1600 trading systems for your review. Traders and developers add new programs to the site almost every week. The iSystems site itself provides an incredibly powerful search and filter tool. You can take that list of 1600 and whittle it down to a handful in a matter of minutes.

Naturally, among the most important criteria are measures of risk. And drawdown is a common risk metric. The “Current Drawdown” looks at current performance of a system and measures its distance beneath the last equity high. While we’d all love systems that make money all the time, risk and volatility are part of the trading experience. Yet as an investor looks through iSystems to find the “best” algorithms, they may pass over some good systems that show a less than appealing current drawdown only to miss a potential recovery.

With that in mind, we want to draw your attention to five systems we feel are worth remembering even though they currently show a modest drawdown. Click on the links below for up to date performance.

  1. Joseja 2 Mini Nasdaq
  1. Diamond Mini DJ 707
  1. Emidia Mini Nasdaq
  1. Cirus ST Mini-Dax
  1. TRC2 Mini-Dax

Please give us a call so we can discuss with you why tracking a system that is in a drawdown may be worth your time. We enjoy talking markets, feel free to call anytime! 888-818-0880